Testimonial from Eddie at Coastal Fireplaces and Design

Coastal Fireplaces and Design sought out the services of Chittenden’s when their business was in a stage of great growth.  They had quickly outgrown their showroom and warehouse in Geelong and needed help to see them through until they moved in to their bigger facility.  Chittenden’s assisted with order fulfilment and managed the transport and logistics of their orders throughout Geelong and greater Victoria.

Eddie had not outsourced his distribution before and it was imperative we engaged in our processes and procedures accurately from the get go and continued to communicate effectively to ease any anxieties may have had.  As all small business owners know, there comes a time when you have to take leaps and entrust areas of your business to others to ensure the growth you seek for your business.  Easier said than done when you’ve given so much sweat, blood and tears to get it up and thriving!  But as you can hear from Eddie in this video, we achieved the project we set out to achieve, “above and beyond”.

Chittenden’s continue to support Coastal with their transport and logistics needs not only throughout Geelong but the Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast and greater Victoria.  Most of their deliveries are to residential properties requiring our smaller 12 pallet taut liner with tailgate and pallet jack unload.  With amazing fireplaces and outdoor living products including being the exclusive dealers of many leading brands, Coastal’s growth continues as demand for premium products and design carries on.  Via our ongoing relationship, Chittenden’s looks forward to watching Coastal Fireplaces and Design prosper and grow even further.