About Chittenden's Warehousing & Logistics

Chittenden’s was established to fulfil a hole in the market. We identified there were many businesses, especially local Geelong businesses who wanted their goods stored closer to home, and not in a Melbourne facility. We are perfectly positioned to service Melbourne metro, Geelong, central Victoria and South West Victoria.  Our customers seek a niche, personalised service, not one where they are just a number.

Our company director grew up spending many of her childhood days exploring the ships that came into Corio Quay while her father met with the captain and climbing shipping containers as though they were a playground. Coming from a family business in the shipping and transport industry, she then jumped on a forklift approximately 10 years ago to manufacture product and dispatch goods for an off shore oil rig. She combines this knowledge and experience to successfully lead her team in the warehousing and logistics industry. A proud local Geelong born and bred girl, Boss has a particular passion for supporting other local Geelong businesses and manufacturing.

Our team focuses on effective communication, attention to detail, love of processes and procedures, and having a genuine village approach to team work. This sees us achieve consistent high standards of service and high levels of customer satisfaction. We value a good working culture within our workplace, and know there’s no such thing as work life balance, just life. Our management team work hard to create a fun, supportive, and safe environment for our operations team and customers.

Our values:

Transparency: At Chittenden’s, we lay everything out on the table and ensure that our clients are fully informed on our processes. If you have a question, our team can answer it and provide you with peace of mind.

Trust: Our clients trust us to get the job done and to do it well. We take pride in our strong relationships with various Geelong businesses that hold confidence in our ability to fulfil their warehousing and transport needs efficiently and to a high quality standard.

Passion: We are truly passionate about what we do and thrive on providing clients with effective services that save them time, money and allow them to focus on running their business.

Respect: We have a mutual respect that runs through the bones of our operation, and exists for all of our stakeholders including employees, clients and suppliers.

Reliability: We know when our customers engage with us, they need to be able to depend on us to take full responsibility of their supply chain needs. We ensure our customers can rely on us by being accountable, clear communicators, and taking pride in our strong track record of successful work.

To learn more about Chittenden’s Warehousing and Logistics and our high quality services, please get in contact with our friendly and experienced team today on 03 5278 9635.