Pallet Racking Storage Geelong

Chittenden’s have partnered with Direct Storage Systems Geelong to maximise the space of our warehouse via the installation of four tier high pallet racking. We have the flexibility to adjust racking to fit your pallet dimensions and insert pick/pack shelves should your business require. Our racking is regularly checked by Direct Storage Systems for safety compliance.

Combining our warehouse management experience with our software, we strategically map pallet allocation to segregate product types and prevent cross contamination. Based on your business needs we can allocate stock dependant on expiry dates, FIFO (first in first out), LIFO (last in first out), batch numbers etc.

Our fully secured site is monitored 24/7 by CCTV that our team and security company have the ability to manage both onsite and remotely.

Our site is cleaned and sanitised daily, with a deep clean performed weekly to comply with our COVID safe policy. Our cleaning practices extend from internal office spaces, forklifts and handling equipment, to the warehouse floor. Our customer regularly comment on the cleanliness of our facility.

Industries that we provide pallet racking storage for include medical, manufacturing, ecommerce and many others.

Chittenden’s are also trusted by businesses for transport and logistics services in Geelong, don’t hesistate to contact us to learn more.